Caribe Resort Pools

Caribe Resort Pools

The Caribe Resort aquatics staff has a never-ending job maintaining our 40,000 square feet of pools, hot tubs, and a lazy river. Staff is on-site well before the sun comes up to ensure that pools and pumps are working properly and that water levels are maintained.

Bill Lehman, Director of Aquatics, has been with Caribe for over 10 years and has worked in the field for more than 20. Bill is a husband, grandfather, father of three, and an avid organic farmer. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children and maintaining the aquariums around his home. He has coached over 30 seasons of youth sports and composts everything that comes through his kitchen. While attending Miami University on a swimming scholarship,  he once made the Olympic trial qualifying cuts for the butterfly stroke.

The aquatics staff recently completed a few projects around the property including updates to the lazy river. The staff worked hard to renovate the tiki hut, respray nonslip coating to entryways, and replace valves. With over 150 valves and 100 extra motors, one can go bad as soon as every week. Bill stresses “staying ahead of the game” by replacing them as early as possible to keep down time of the pools and lazy river to a minimum.

The newest project coming to the Caribe Resort is a splash pad located above the C parking deck next to the mini-golf course. We will announce when the splash pad is completed and ready for use. In the meantime, our resort still features three outdoor tiered pools, three indoor pools, nine hot tubs, and a lazy river. Stay with us and relax in the water.